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Meeting with friends and talking about a smorgasbord of topics. We cover geek culture, politics, philosophy, ghost story's, myths and conspiracies.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. They are sending their worst

    Todays sponser: Ridleys Gaming Realm Rocco from DFATs own Critical Mass joins me to talk about some bad Canadians entering American politics. We discuss how collectivism will save us and we end with a high note to Canaga and the great Red Green. ...


  2. Shooting the Shit with Joaquin

    Joaquin for the amazing DFAT Entertainment podcast Insensitive Culture joins me to shoot the shit. Insensitive Culture can be found here or here. Todays Sponser: Ridleys Gaming Realm ...


  3. Appleseed: A Novel, Review

    Todays Sponsors: Ridleys Gaming Realm:   The Book: Appleseed: A Novel By: Matt Bell Continuing the video book review series with Appleseed: A Novel by Matt Bell. Enjoy! If you would like to read my review you can find it here: About Dfat: For more DFAT ...


  4. Conspiracy Crossover with Aaron

    My co-host from the Bull and Moose Tavern Podcast stops by the campfire to discuss more conspiracy theories and some announcements about the Bull and Moose Tavern Podcast. Todays Sponser: Ridleys Gaming Realm   ...


  5. Interview with Megs Calleja on Acorns and Roots

    Megs Calleja joins me to discuss her book Acorns and Roots. Support your local books store! Todays Sponser: Ridleys Gaming Realm     ...